Get Your Kids to Wear Their Glasses

Easier said than done, right? For children, adjusting to wearing glasses can be difficult, yet it is a necessary component of their daily life. If your child is new to glasses, try these tips to get them comfortable.

Let your child pick out their frames.

This may be challenging as a parent, especially when your child selects a pair of bright purple frames, but letting your child take ownership in the selection process will greatly influence their willingness to wear their glasses. Parents often find it helpful to choose two sets of frames, so there is always a backup on hand. Let your child pick out one set of fun frames for school and play dates, and you can choose a “serious” pair for picture day.

Start slow.

Let your child adjust to wearing their glasses. You may want to start your child off wearing their glasses in small chunks of time. Link wearing glasses to activities they enjoy. Make sure that whenever your child is using media such as TV, video games, or devices, that they are wearing their glasses. Gently remind them that without their glasses, they won’t be able to see (as well), and, therefore, won’t enjoy their activities as much as they would if they were wearing their glasses.

Positive – and consistent – reinforcement.

Your child may not want to wear their glasses because they are self-conscious. This is totally normal, and reinforces why your child should get to choose their frames. They need to feel comfortable in their glasses, so pointing out role models, friends, or family who also wear glasses is encouraging. When they are wearing their glasses, be sure to compliment them. Help your child pick out outfits that “match” their glasses. This will help them get excited about putting on their glasses in the morning.

Once your child begins to regularly wear their glasses, periodically check in on them to make sure they are caring for them properly. Make sure your child understands how to clean the lenses and store their glasses at bedtime. Help them make it a fun activity! Children’s glasses are put through more wear and tear than adults, so it is best to be proactive in order to ensure any minor damage is caught before the frames or lenses fully break.

Remember that Bodenhamer Eye Consultants provide free adjustments and small parts replacements for the lifetime of our frames, including kids glasses and frames. Bring them back when they need a little TLC and we’ll get them back to new again.