Eye Emergency?

We understand that eye emergencies can strike at any time, so our doctors provide after-hour care. At Bodenhamer Eye Consultants, our patients are like our family. Providing the best treatment and care for our patients is our priority.

Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies can be both scary and confusing. When an emergency occurs with your vision, it may cause panic – after all, your eyes are how you see! While it may make sense at the time to head straight to urgent care or an emergency room, to get the most effective, immediate, and affordable care, it is best to contact your optometrist.

With eye emergencies, it is essential to receive treatment as quickly as possible to avoid vision damage. Urgent care providers are often unequipped to provide the level of care needed to take care of your emergency, and they will most likely refer you back to your optometrist, which only creates a longer gap in treatment time. Our doctors use state of the art technology to identify and treat your eye emergency as quickly and as safely as possible.

Types of Eye Emergencies

If you’re not sure you have an eye emergency, the following causes and symptoms will help you determine if you need immediate assistance. Common eye emergencies include foreign objects in the eye, scratches or cuts, or burns caused from chemicals or smoke.

Symptoms of an eye emergency include:

If you or a family member are experiencing an eye emergency, contact our office immediately.