Eye care for kids.

When Should My Child See an Eye Doctor?

Is your child sitting close to the television? Do they struggle when reading or complain of headaches? It may be time for your child to have an eye exam. A child’s vision can be corrected in their formative years. Often, children don’t undergo an eye exam until they are beginning school. What many families don’t realize is that preventative eye care can begin as early as six months of age.

Eyesight Affecting Education

If your child is struggling at school, this could indicate that they are having problems with their vision. Children often exhibit signs of restlessness in the classroom or have low reading comprehension when they are having difficulty seeing. It’s important that your child has regular eye exams over the age of six to identify or prevent development issues that could hinder their growth in the classroom.

Kid-Friendly Optometrist Eye Care in Jefferson City

Going to the doctor can often be a scary experience for kids. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of a safe and comforting atmosphere. We treat each of our young patients as if they were our own children.

If your child does need eyeglasses, our team will help find and fit the right pair for your child. For toddlers and small children, we offer flexible plastic frames with no hinges or metal that may irritate their skin. These frames are extremely durable and come with adjustable straps to allow your child’s glasses to grow with them.

For older children, we offer both metal and plastic frames in various colors and styles. Getting your kids to actually wear their glasses can sometimes be a struggle, so it is important to find a style that they are excited to wear.

Some of our most popular frame brands for children include: Nike, Ray Ban, Candies, Miraflex, Op, dB4K, Liberty Rec Specs, and Lucky.

Our children’s glasses come with lenses that are UV protective so that their eyes are protected from the classroom to the playground.

Our goal is to get you seeing better, faster.

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of eyeglasses and contacts for you, your kids, and the whole family in a variety of brands, styles, and price points. Our consultants will help you find the right fit for your lifestyle both functionally and aesthetically.