Dry Eyes Exam in Jefferson City

Dry eyes are one of the most common and easily treated eye conditions. The tear film consists of three different layers and if any of these layers are subnormal, symptoms can occur. Tears are essential to the health of your eyes as they maintain a stable level of moisture in the eye, while keeping foreign objects and dust clear from the eye.

A comprehensive eye exam is the best way to get a clear diagnosis of dry eyes. During the exam, our doctors will perform a series of tests to determine whether your tear production is too high or too low. Dry eyes can easily be treated, but it’s important to mention any non-eye related symptoms you have been experiencing, as dry eyes can be an underlying cause of other health issues.

Causes of Dry Eyes

There are many causes of dry eyes, but one of the most common causes is a decrease in tear production. Much like cataracts and glaucoma, aging is one of the most prominent factors leading to dry eyes. Medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid disorders, smoking, or certain medications can also make you more susceptible to a decrease in tear production.

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Treatment for Dry Eyes

For other patients, the cause of dry eyes may be as simple as exposure to wind or dry air. Dry eyes are often treated with eyedrops, but finding the right treatment for your eyes can be challenging, based on the severity of your dry eyes. While purchasing over-the-counter eye drops may ease symptoms, a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to target and treat the cause of dry eyes most effectively.