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Diabetic Eye Exams in Jefferson City, MO

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects many areas of the body. High blood sugar or glucose levels can lead to damage to the small blood vessels within the eye, which can cause damage to the overall structure and function of the eye. If you are managing your diabetes and your eyesight isn’t bothering you, it is still important to make regular appointments as many eye problems can develop without causing discomfort or affecting your vision on a daily basis.

Proactive Diabetic Care

Diabetic eye exams are extremely important, as diabetes greatly increases your risk for cataracts and diabetic macular edema. Regardless of type, diabetes may also lead to the development of diabetic retinopathy, a serious condition in which the blood vessels in the retina become damaged. Treatment for diabetic eye conditions is possible but is most effective when conditions are caught early on.

Am I at Risk for Diabetic Eye Conditions?

To diagnose diabetic retinopathy or other eye conditions caused by diabetes, our doctors will perform a dilated eye exam. By dilating your pupils, our doctors will be able to evaluate the blood vessels, retina tissue, and optic nerve for changes or damage. If you do show signs of a diabetic eye condition, our doctors will help guide you through the best treatment options to slow or stop further progression.