2020: The year of clear vision!

New decade, new you.

At Bodenhamer Eye Consultants, our New Year’s resolution is for each of our patients to care for their vision throughout the year. To celebrate a new decade of 20/20 eye care, we’ve composed 10 easy habits to help you check off your eye care goals throughout 2020.

  1. What better way to welcome 2020 than by applying the 20-20-20 rule?
    Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break from your screens and focus on an object 20 feet away.
  2. Adjust your screen settings.
    Brightness, text size, and color temperature can all elevate levels of eye strain. Match the brightness of your screen to that of your surrounding space, and make sure that you are zoomed to a level that you don’t feel like you need to concentrate extra hard to read. Blue light is seen at a shorter length than other colors, so turning down the blue light on your screen will keep your eyes comfortable for longer periods.
  3. Vitamins!
    Not only will you balance your diet, but vitamins A,C, and E lower the risks of certain eye diseases and cataracts. Incorporating more leafy greens, fish, and citrus fruits into your diet will give you a delicious and balanced edge.
  4. Limit UV exposure.
    Sunglasses and protective lenses will go a long way on bright winter mornings and sunny afternoons.
  5. Blink more!
    While blinking is an unconscious — and obvious — eye function, blinking is an easy way to relieve strain from reading or device screens.
  6. Drink more water.
    The human body relies on water to run properly. Staying hydrated is vital to tear production in the eyes and will help you avoid common eye afflictions like dry eyes.
  7. Take proper care of your contacts.
    For those who wear contact lenses, it is essential that they are taken out and cared for properly. Using your contact solution at intervals as recommended by your optometrist will help prevent redness, dryness, and eye infections.
  8. Stay attuned to the eye products you use.
    For those who wear makeup, it is important to use quality brands for the appropriate length of time. Bacteria can thrive in or around your mascara or eyeliner, so be sure to replace products as their labels suggest. Eye drops and wipes can affect individuals differently and should be used in accordance to the instructions on their label. Check our favorite eye drops that are safe for all ages.
  9. Be aware of your family history.
    Many eye issues are genetic. Staying aware of your family’s medical history will help you and your eye doctor maintain an effective preventative care plan.
  10. Keep your yearly eye exam.
    It is essential that you have regular comprehensive eye exams to treat and prevent eye conditions. Schedule an eye exam today, and see how Bodenhamer Eye Consultants can provide you with 20/20 eyecare.