Eyesight and Education

Take the time to schedule a yearly eye exam for your student this holiday break.

The modern college student’s life is characterized by busy schedules. Day-to-day activities are fast-paced and come in combinations of classes, sports, studying, Greek life, work, internships, and more. While many students make light of the stress they feel trying to do it all, busy routines may begin to affect their general health.

Many students put self-care on the back burner. This includes maintaining important appointments like yearly eye exams. College students’ primary care providers are generally located at home, and with jam-packed schedules, commuting back for an appointment may not be feasible.

Holiday breaks are the perfect time to take advantage of free time and to get organized for the new year. Taking care of your student’s health should be a priority.

A yearly eye exam will help set students up for success for the rest of the year. Eyesight is critical to education. If your student’s ability to see is impaired, their engagement will suffer, causing a direct hit to their grades. Preventative eye exams will be able to diagnose and treat any eye issues your student may be experiencing.

If your student already has a prescription, a yearly exam is still necessary. A comprehensive eye exam will provide an up-to-date look at their eye health, pinpointing any potential issues or changes to their current prescription. This gives our doctors the information they need to prescribe your student with eyeglasses or contact lenses they need to see clearly. We understand the complications of scheduling, so at Bodenhamer Eye Consultants, we will work with you and your family to ensure that you are able to get the eye care you need. Call today to schedule an eye exam for your student!