Your Eyeglasses are an Investment

It’s time to start treating them like one.

Cash flow, asset allocation, and appreciation. Smart investment techniques aren’t something you generally associate with your yearly trip to the eye doctor. However, your eye exam and the stock market have more in common than you may think.

Consider your eye doctor as you would your financial advisor. Your eye doctor provides you with the bottom-line advice that you need to make a sound investment in your eye health.

Let’s face it, eyeglasses are an expense. As a necessary part of your daily routine, it is wise to consider the purchase of your glasses as an investment. Like any investment, you will want to take the proper steps to ensure the security of your expenditure.

Depending on your insurance plan, if your glasses break or are severely damaged before your next annual exam, you could be facing out-of-pocket costs to replace them. This includes any damage to the lenses, which can easily be scratched or cracked.

The best way to protect your glasses is to remain diligent about the methods you use to clean and store them. Be sure to clean the lenses as your eye doctor recommends, only using the cleaning cloth and cleaner provided upon purchase. If you run out of or misplace your cloth or solution, you can purchase more from our office or from your local pharmacy.

When storing your glasses for extended periods of time, always place them in their case. Eyeglasses quickly thrown into a purse or discarded on the nightstand are much more susceptible to accidents resulting in costly damage.

At Bodenhamer Eye Consultants, we offer free adjustments for all patients, regardless of where you purchased your eyeglasses. If you have damaged your frames or lenses and require more than an adjustment, we will work with you or your insurance to get you affordable repairs. Call our office today or submit an appointment request online!